Elrondil Nightheart
Name/Nicknames: Elrondil, the Lifeless
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: None, drifter
Affiliation: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Species: Sin'dorei
Family: Unknown
Skills: Armed combat, forging, and inscription.
Powers: Runic mastery, prefers that of the Undead.

Elrondil, a former weapon and slave of the frozen throne. After the Lich King's inability to hold his grasp upon the minds of his undead army, Elrondil fled from his past deeds, ashamed. He wanders the land of Northrend, searching for some purpose to bring to life the fire that previously burned inside of him.

Dark Hand of the ThroneEdit

"I am death, and all shall know me as this."
Many have long feared the knights led by the Lich King. It is said that they had power so fearsome, even the dead awoke from their graves in fear of them. Elrondil, has come to be known as one of these, as a Death Knight.