Born and raised in South Durator, Goregash is a born warrior. He dreamed of becoming a soldier for the Horde like his father, Gantul. As a child, he spent his days wrestling boars and sword fighting with other orc children. His skills were never really put to the test until he was age 13. His hut was raided by a larg
  • Goregash without his helmet.
  • Goregash walking to battle.
e group of humans, and Gantul quickly responded by grabbing his axe and slaying nearly 13 of the men. As soon as the alliance men came into site, Goregash was pulled under a table covered with Kodo hide by his mother. The men continued to fight fiercly with their shields raised. They were setting fire to the family's property as the Sergeant Major leading the charge confronted Gantul directly. The man snuck around Gantul as he was occupied and struck him in the back. Gantul grunted and fell to his knees. Goregash screamed and bolted out from under the table. He grabbed his father's axe and let out a sharp battle cry, frightening most of the soldiers. With the axe in hand, he charged the Sergeant Major, knocking off his helm. Staring into the man's eyes, he beheaded him

The rest of the soldier's fleed after watching their leader killed in such a fashion. Goregash's eyes filled with rage as he stood staring at the men. He quickly turned to his father and kneeled by him. He looked around the room to see her lying dead with one arm extended towards him. He walked over to his mother and kissed her forehead, grabbed his father's axe, and left.

Goregash has a growing hatred for the alliance, for obvious reasons. After his tragic experience, Goregash walked for 20 years until finding refugee in Lakeshire. He was taken in by a group named "The Enclave". This group was supposivly neutral, but filled with alliance. Goregash was completely disrespected in the group and was building up rage inside of him. One day, while in the inn, one of the elves spat on him. Goregash caved. He went on a destruction rampage and broke everything in sight. He nearly murdered a gnome, and was scolded by every member. Not even a 2 days later, a troll and orc showed up in Lakeshire. They were seeking diplomacy, and Goregash just stared at them the entire time trying to gain the courage to speak to them. When he finally had gained the courage he grinned and spoke half of a word then was cut off. "Did I ask you to speak?" the leader of the group said. Goregash glared angrily at the man and, as soon as he was turned around, unseathed his blade and stabbed the man. The alliance population stood in awe, while the orc and troll grinned, "Would you like to come along?"

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