Malachite, the son of a demon. He was born as one of mixed blood, his mother a High Elf, his father a great and powerful demon. He rules over hell, and all it's domains. His blades are legendary as they are forged from the flames of Hell. His power, unstoppable. His mother died when he was but 17 and his father was killed when he was 10. He trained for many years in many arts, including manipulation of the mind and weapon crafting. His power with weapons is unfathomable and he will not think twice before he slays you. His Armor is of the darkest shadows, crafted for himself and for those who have proven their loyalty to him against all odds. Eyes of intangible horror shielded with a blindfold woven out of thread made from pure darkness. His power fueled by pure rage and hatred is beyond that held by Deathwing, Illidan Stormrage, or even Arthas. His loathing for all lesser beings is intangible and his hatred and cynicism for this world and those lesser beings that inhabit it have shown to others that he is not to be crossed. Make him angry or cross paths with him on a bad day and you may cease to live.

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