The Order of the Shining Sun was founded and is lead by Sun Lord Tensu Amaranth, First and Strongest of the Sun Paladins and Aspect of Aggramar the Avenger. The Order was created inorder to defend azeroth and outland from the most powerful of the old gods, Ratalu Darkflame.

Order of the Shining Sun RanksEdit

Sun Lord

Sun Lady

Sun Paladin






History Edit

The Order of the Shining Sun was orginally a expeditionary group lead to the dragonlands, on the other side of azeroth. After landing on the shore of the Dragonlands the expedition mooved furthure in-land untill they reached a place they claimed In their name. After setting up their base camp they named Heeros their expediton leader Tensu Amaranth left the base camp with a small group Inorder to explore some near-by ruins. When they returnned Tensu declaired themselves a seperate faction and called them The Order of the Shining Sun.

Notible MembersEdit

Tensu Amaranth