High Elves of the Silver Council

The Silver Council first began as an organization of High Elves who remained in Silvermoon after the destruction of their capital city. Their number dwindled significant as more and more of them came to resort to feeding on demonic energies, the Silver Council members who were able to control their hunger maintained their High Eleven nature.

The High Elves who remained in Silvermoon maintained their distinctive High Elven culture, using blue as their main color of difference compared to the Blood Elven red. Visually they also kept this in their clothing and their artform and architecture. The Silver Council was also given money by the Emperors of the Silvermoon Empire, and later the Empire to maintain a strength in High Elven culture, never to forget their heritage.

The Silver Council would later successfully create and build a High Elven Enclave on the Isle of Quel'Danas, and the Empire would allow High Elf Pilgrims from all over the world to revisit their cherished Sunwell.

The Silver Council was under the leadership of Sylvos Dawnlighter and had their own military unit, the Silver Guard.