The Wingless God, is a powerful arcane staff of used by Yimo. It is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the Empire. It was carved, from a staff, made from a branch from the World Tree in Crystalsong forest, then saturated within the waters of the Sunwell.

Though the Gnome who owns this staff is already one of the most powerful magic users in the Empire, this staff only makes him far more formidable than he already is. With the empowerment of this staff, the Grand Master is more than able to hold his own against even the most fiercest of opponents.


The Wingless God, deceptively simple and more dangerous than many other weapons.


The Wingless God is a simple shaft of wood, with a white pearl at the top. The pearl, which is a refined arcane pearl carved at its top, protects the entire staff from damage.

The Wingless God is also decorated with subtle Tauren handle weaves along its shaft. This shows Yimo's respect for the Tauren race.

Its deceptively simplistic appearance is its greatest aspect, as most would simply dismiss this as Yimo's walking stick.